Shedding away those extra kilos can be a challenge especially when you have hypothyroidism. To make this ordeal easy, check out the thyroid-friendly diet following which you can lose good weight like I have done J



Asap you wake up, take the thyroid pill with 1 glass water and after 1 hour.

7 a.m: Drink Lemon and honey/ apple cider vinegar in warm water on an empty stomach or view more detox drinks option.

8 am – 9 am: Banana and pomegranate seeds salad/ Apple banana chia seeds smoothie + 1 bowl sprouts or cooked pulses. View more breakfast foods options here.

10.30 am: Thick low fat curd – 1/2 cup + pomegranate seeds/ Socked chia seeds – 1 tsp + fresh leaves to garnish


1pm – 2pm: 1 bowl oats2 multigrain chapattis + 1 bowl daal / curd rice/ soup + cooked vegetables


After an hour: Buttermilk/ green tea


4pm: Dry fruits/ sprout chaat, View more healthy diet Snacks here.


6.30 pm : 1 plate green vegetable Salad ( 30 minute before dinner)

7pm – 8pm: Lentil soup / Dalia / bowl of paneer with 1 chappati / 1 bowl brown rice. View more healthy dinner food ideas here.

Before bed (30mins before) you can have a cup of warm lemon water.


Foods to Eat in Hypothyroidism to lose weight

Other than some high-paced workouts, this condition can also be improved with high intake of protein and nutrients. There are some factors which you cannot control to treat hypothyroidism like family history. On the flip side, there’s the most important aspect which can be controlled with an iron fist and that is what you eat!

To increase metabolism you need to have a good amount of Iron, magnesium, iodine, selenium, Omega-3, Zinc and vitamin b-12 nutrition. Below is a list of Indian food items that you can have to boost your metabolism:

Eat good fat – While we need omega 6 fats in our diet, a higher range of omega 3 fats helps in keeping away inflammation. Olive oil, organic coconut oil, nuts such as walnuts, almonds, extra-virgin oil etc. are a good source, same as keto meal plan.

Increase high fiber foods: Fiber helps to keep you feel full for a longer period and to deal with constipation in an easier way. A high fiber diet also helps in keeping the blood sugar levels balanced as well as lose weight. It is recommended to take 25 grams of fiber (soluble or insoluble) on a daily basis.

Go for peas, carrots, lentils, black beans, apple, bananas, potatoes, dark-colored veggies etc.


Foods rich In Iodine –If you have heard about underactive thyroid, this is primarily caused by lack of iodine. So, including iodine-rich foods is a safe bet. Use Iodized salt, fennel, cow’s milk, and raisins which are a great source of iodine.

Foods Rich in Tyrosine– Another reason for an underactive thyroid is tyrosine amino acid. You can find tyrosine in pumpkin seeds, bananas, dairy products, leafy vegetables and almonds.

Anti-inflammatory Foods – inflammation is synonymous with autoimmune diseases and it should be stopped from progressing right from the first signs of it. When such conditions become chronic, it can lead to other serious illnesses such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.
You can prevent yourself from falling prey to such conditions by consuming anti-inflammatory foods such as herbal teas, fresh fruits, leafy green veggies, unsalted nuts and unsweetened yogurt.

Non-goitrogenic vegetables– Goitrogens disrupts the normal functioning of thyroid gland which has various negative impacts. You can avoid it by including squash, tomato, bell peppers, green beans, peas, cucumber, eggplant, carrots, celery etc in your diet.

Non-goitrogenic fruits –Similarly, you should have fruits which are high in vitamin C like mangoes, citrus fruits, dark-skinned grapes, pomegranates, guavas, apricots, apples and pineapples.