Butternut Squash Almond Butter Pancakes From The Magic Pill Film


1/2 Cup butternut squash (roasted the night before)

1/4 Cup almond butter (I used Costco brand)

2 large eggs

(used nonstick pan so did not need to use additional oil)

Mix ingredients with whisk in a bowl.

Cook over medium heat; flip when top firms up and bottom is golden.

Half the recipe made 3 servings with 2 pancakes each (approx. 4-5 inches diameter – 1/3 cup batter each pancake) – so 6 pancakes total.

Macros for 2 pancakes/1 serving: 201 cal/8.3 protein/15.5 fat/5 net carbs.


Note: very yummy and filling, my favorite pancake yet, will make again if can plan the 5 net carbs into my day.